Pregnancy + Postnatal Yoga



Wednesdays 6pm and Friday's 9am via Zoom

£6 / donation. Setup a zoom account and email for the log in details and how to pay

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga has many benefits whilst being pregnant and also for labour and birth.

Regular practice can help release tension in achy muscles, increase energy levels, improve sleep, posture, help manage anxiety and pre-natal depression and is also a great opportunity to meet other mums-to-be in the community.

A class will include postures to suit individual needs, breathing and pelvic floor exercises, positive affirmations and deep relaxation (yoga nidra).


Suitable from 14 weeks to full term.

Postnatal Yoga

Practicing yoga together gives mums and babies a special bonding time, moving, breathing and relaxing together in a safe supportive environment.

These classes will give you a chance to reconnect with your bodies not only physically by improving core strength; help rebuild a weakened pelvic floor; relieve aches and pains; strengthen and tone muscles; but also mentally and emotionally by aiding good sleep; reduce stress levels; help minimise postnatal depression and great for bonding with your baby.


Suitable from 6 weeks after a vaginal birth, or 8 weeks after a c-section

(it is a good idea to check with your doctor to get the all clear first before beginning to exercise and to check if you may have Diastasis Recti (separated tummy muscles).


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