Crystals + Cleansing

CalmerSoul Crystal Jewellery has been handmade and designed to balance the body using the healing properties of the crystals. Different types of crystals can release mental, physical and spiritual blockages. All necklaces come with a description of what the crystal is and gift wrapped.


Palo Santo is holy wood from Peru, used for cleansing crystals or areas such as the home, work space or raising your vibration for meditation. 

Florida Water is a citrus based cologne and has many uses for cleansing and rituals. Crystals can be cleansed in diluted Florida Water, or use in a spray to protect the home and welcome good energy. 

Please email if you would like to buy any of the listed items below.

1) Dyed Quartz £22 ~ short silver or gold plated chain, brings clarity

2) Chrysoprase £22 ~ short silver or gold plated chain, promotes love of truth, hope, and personal insight

3) Agate £32 ~ long brass plated chain, promotes self acceptance, confidence, courage and overcomes negativity 

4) Choose from Amethyst - purple (calms or stimulates the mind when appropriate); Rose Quartz - pink (opens the heart on all levels); Tiger Eye - brown (brings protection); Moonstone - clear (stone of inner growth and strength); Lapis Lazuli - blue (encourages self awareness and expression); Turquoise  £22 (power luck and protection). All on short gold or silver plated chains.

5) Black Tourmaline £19 ~ short or gold plated chain, grounds, purifies and transforms dense energy

6) Palo Santo   £11 ~ bundle of 3 sticks  

7) Florida Water £14 ~ 270 ml bottle

Plus P&P 

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